July 2, 2014

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Elastix Pentaho Reporting Data Crow

Amazing Slider Malicious Software Removal Tool OmniWeb 5.11.2
Amazing Slider Malicious Software Removal Tool OmniWeb 5.11.2

Bing Ads UI Now Lets You View Up To 100,000 Keywords

By Chris Crum

Microsoft announced that the Bing Ads web user interface will now let you view up to 100,000 keywords. The company upgraded the interface earlier this year enabling advertisers to review accounts with up to 50,000 keywords in the Keyword tab. That's now been doubled.

They've also configured the ad groups and ads tabs to support more data.

"The Bing Ads team is continuing to scale the UI to much larger accounts and have started piloting accounts up to 250,000 keywords," notes Bing Ads principal program manager lead Sachin Tayade. "Accounts having more keywords than these limits will continue to be manageable in the UI by simply narrowing the scope to a specific campaign."

"We expect this will improve your experience in the Bing Ads UI, and look forward to your continued feedback on these features," he adds.

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